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Rise Early and Be Alone with God: Wise Counsel from an Old Divine

…  is the best time to spend time in prayer and meditation on the Word of God? For me, the early morning (with four …  his day is to rise very early and spent the first hours in prayer and Scripture meditation. Law modeled that of which he wrote: “His own …



Who is Jesus and What is He Worth?

…  surely this says something about the consistency of the prayer life of Jesus and the absolute purity and undistractedness of his fellowship with the Father during times of prayer. This reality also should be probed for its theological …



The Kind of Revival We Should Pray For: 4 Traits

…  even if it results in some short, less-than-glamorous prayers whispered under my breath as I’m about my other business each morning …  for office and find themselves to be the answers to such prayers. That Hezekiah leveraged his bully pulpit in the cause of revival …



The Nurturing and Healing Grace of Sabbath Rest

…  delegates (chosen by the ruler to read Scripture and prayers), an interpreter to translate the passage into Aramaic; Almoners to …  the unity and uniqueness of God.
A system of 18 prayers developed from which prayers were given followed by “Amen” for the …



Jesus: the Lord of the New Israel

…  number of apostles, times 1000.

A. Jesus depended on prayer – He prayed all night on this occasion; daytimes were difficult to …  in the clear direction given in answer to Jesus’ prayer. To Peter was revealed the way in which this selection fit the eternal …



Growing in Maturity

…  especially through faithful preaching (2 Tim. 4:1–5).
Through prayer, we have access to the very throne room of God as we approach Him in and …



A Moment in Messianic Consciousness

…  you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth” Jesus began this prayer, and continued, “that you have hidden these things from the wise and …



New Stream of Prophecy

…  living on the premises, focusing with all her heart on prayer, discipline, and fasting. Even as an infant, the Son of God, born of …  thanks was her response.
Her many years of prayer and service combined with the wisdom from above given to the prophetess …



For God So Loved the World

…  (John 10:26–29 NKJV).

Our Lord’s high priestly prayer in John 17 shows the same kind of limited scope. As He braces for His …



Taking Away Reproach

…  What was this petition. If for a son for them, the prayer probably was given some years back at a time when Elizabeth was younger. God answers the prayer of his people in his own time and according to the plans of his …



Godly Mothers

…  a godly, faithful, Christian mother. It was the tearful prayers of his mother, Monica, that God used to arrest him from his profligate …  lay not hold of Christ.” Spurgeon later wrote about that prayer, noting that the “thought of a mother’s bearing swift witness …



Giving Tuesday - A Ministry Update from President Tom Ascol

…  collapsing at church. By God’s grace and through the prayers of His people, I was released after a few days in ICU. Though I have …




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