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TS&TT: Caring Well: Abuse in the Church, Life In the Body & How to Stand




Resignations from Founders Ministries' Board

…  and teaching the Baptist doctrine of the local church. Tom Ascol’s leadership in all this has been vital and faithful to our purpose. I …  Baptists and Presbyterians in the 20th Century (i. e., the SBC battle for inerrancy was because of this Social Gospel hermeneutic invading …



By What Standard? A Founders Cinedoc

…  It presented voices from inside and outside of SBC life on the origins and meaning of critical race theory and …  clear and reasonable perspective. Congratulations to Tom Ascol and the team on a job well done! Craig …



The Gospel and Its Extent

…  Wicca, Paganism, Growing ‘Astronomically.’

3 The SBC’s North American Mission Board is a good example of this. They have …  Trust, 1970), 86.

12 For more elaboration, see Tom Ascol’s Traditional Theology & the SBC, pp. 69-78 (Cape Coral, FL: …



Resolution 9 and the Southern Baptist Convention 2019

…  always happen.

Perhaps the most talked-about action of #SBC19 took place during the report by the Committee on Resolutions. Each year …  Baptist Convention might be helpful. Bylaw 20 of the SBC instructs the President to “appoint a Committee on Resolutions to consist …



TS&TT: Southern Baptist Convention - History, Hope & Reform




2019 Southeast Founders Conference

…  and critique the New Calvinism movement.

Tom Ascol serves as the Executive Director of Founders Ministries. He …  Timothy & Traditional Theology and the SBC. He also blogs at tomascol.com.

Jared Longshore …



Sure, the Bible Is True, but Is it Enough?

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Sufficiency of Scripture

…  the Bible. In God’s goodness and grace, both within the SBC in particular and the broader evangelical world in general, there was a …  of Scripture in future articles.

Follow Tom Ascol:

Twitter | @tomascol
Facebook | @tomascol
Instagram | …



Five Top Posts of 2017

…  of each post.

1. What is God Saying to Us? by Tom Ascol

“Irma and Harvey may go down as the Bonnie and Clyde of tropical …  four practical threats on my radar.”

5. Why Stay in the SBC? by Tom Ascol

“Why should we stay in the SBC?” I’ve had that …



Are Southern Baptists Cousins to the Anabaptists?

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Responses to the Controversial SWBTS Chapel

…  Dr. Patterson and Judge Paul Pressler, there would be no SBC as we know it today, no SBC seminaries holding fast to biblical fidelity, …  engagement of the SBC’s theological roots, see Tom Ascol’s work, What Hath Geneva to Do with Nashville?

The founders of the …




…  Ascol

Tom Ascol has served as a Pastor of Grace Baptist Church …  Baptist Convention, and Traditional Theology and the SBC and co-authoring with Jared Longshore the forthcoming (2021) Strong and …



Reflections on the 2014 Southern Baptist Convention

…  my voice to others who have positively evaluated the 2014 SBC that met last week in Baltimore. The spirit of the meeting was warm and …  within the network of churches that comprise the SBC then we will need to take positive steps to major on the core beliefs that …


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