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Answering Questions about the Southern Baptist Convention

…  I often say that if I were to take a snapshot of the SBC today I could find many reasons be discouraged as that image would reveal …  with other churches in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is purely voluntary. Such cooperation does not come at the expense of …



Problems with Denying Imputed Guilt

…  excellent response to all of Article 2, see page 15 of Tom Ascol‘s e-book, Traditional Theology and the SBC.

Though the “Traditionalist” view may seem reasonable at first glance, I …



B.H. Carroll on Original Guilt

…  is historical. In a recent post at the anti-Calvinist SBC Today blog, Harwood tries to shore up his “traditionalist” bona fides by …  vainly pleaded, “The woman tempted me and I did eat.” Tom Ascol …



3rd brief comment on Dr. David Allen's response to Whomever He Wills

…  you are not part of my flock” (26). Allen writes,
Next Ascol turns to consider Jesus’ statements in John 10. “He pointedly …  sheep, such does not affirm or entail limited atonement. Ascol here succumbs to the negative inference fallacy – the proof of a …



A 1st brief comment on Dr. David Allen's response to Whomever He Wills

…  the 96 posts that SBCToday has dedicated to “Calvinism,” 18 (if I have counted correctly) have …  “A Replay to Some Comments on My Eight Posts on Dr. Ascol‘s chapter in Whomever He Wills.” All told, in 18 posts Dr. Allen has …



What is the greatest threat facing the Southern Baptist Convention

…  with many. Here is part of what I said.I think the SBC is facing an identity crisis that, if not resolved with a humble, biblical …



Discipleship in the Puritan Era

…  in Reclaiming the Gospel and Reforming Churches, ed. Tom Ascol (Cape Coral, FL: Founder Press, 2003), 666.

10 Mark Dever,” The Value of the Puritans for SBC Ministry” in Reclaiming the Gospel and Reforming Churches, 624.

11 …



Memo: How to smoke out a Calvinistic pastor in your church

…  be more reformed in our understanding than others in the SBC. Though these documents promote caricatures and distortions, they are a sad …  documents present. I doubt such a person exists within the SBC. Nevertheless, this is how some people perceive us.What shall we do? …



A Bloggersation with Alvin Reid

…  of gospel unity that is developing within and beyond the SBC is the establishment of friendships. Too often, brothers who disagree …  shared love for God and His truth. I can speak for the Tom Ascol I know now, as I did not know him in the past, but the Tom I know now I …



Reflections on the dust-up over Calvinism at SWBTS

…  week the otherwise catatonic SBC corner of the blogosphere erupted when Wade Burleson wrote that the …  him” (Proverbs 18:13).
The divide over Calvinism in the SBC is significant and will not go away by pretending it is not there. …



A Brief Response to David Allen's Explanations and Rejoinder

…  through the trustee system, by the churches of the SBC.” It is also encouraging to read these words from him:
Dr. Ascol and I not only differ and disagree on the subject of Calvinism, but in …



Concerns about the challenge of Calvinism

…  LifeWay study. Noting the documented growth among younger SBC pastors who identify themselves theologically as “5-point Calvinists,” …  they ‘don’t know.'”Call it the return of theology to the SBC. Whatever your attitude about the actual theological points involved there …


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