In this interview Tom Ascol asks Rod Martin about his background, his responsibilities with the SBC, why he is a Southern Baptist, and how a church should engage in the arena of politics.

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  1. Nice response to those who criticized Christians for voting for Trump!

    Christians need to be engaged in politics, but first they need to learn what God expects of government and politics. The only government God ever designed was that of Israel in the Torah. It had not human executive, no legislature or standing army. It only had courts to adjudicate God’s 613 laws, most of which were religious ceremonial laws. Israel thrived for 480 years under God’s system until Israel’s leaders demanded a King.

    The history of Israel under God’s government only appears in the book of Judges. But all theologians that I have read consider it a failed state. They teach that chaos and evil reigned and a king was necessary to create order. But they don’t explain why God was angry with Israel for wanting to change their constitution. And they ignore the fact that Israel was much more evil and violent under the kings than under the “anarchy” they claim dominated during the period of the judges.

    God did not agree with theologians that a king would better manage the nation and in I Sam 8 described the evil that the kings would commit. God showed us in his design of the constitution of Israel that he wants a very limited government for mankind, especially for his people. Yet most Christian idolize a powerful state and military. We are very far from understanding what good government, prescribed by God, really is.

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