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TS&TT: The Nomination of Tom Ascol for SBC President And The Need To #ChangeTheDirection

Today on a special episode of The Sword and The Trowel, Graham Gunden interviews Tom Ascol to talk about his recent nomination to be President of the Southern Baptist Convention and his personal heart and vision for the SBC.  More


Founders Ministries and the SBC: An Interview with Tom Ascol and Tom Hicks

In this interview Tom Hicks asks Tom Ascol, Executive Director of Founders Ministries, about Calvinism and the SBC, Founders Ministries, and the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. More


Evangelism and the SBC: An Interview with Ed Stetzer and Tom Ascol

In this interview Tom Ascol interviews Ed Stetzer about  the future of the SBC, evangelism and engaging our culture with the gospel. More


Reformation and the SBC: A Round Table Interview with Tom Ascol, Mark Dever, and Jared Longshore

In this interview, Jared Longshore asks Tom Ascol and Mark Dever about their 30+ year friendship, the reformation in Baptist life which has occurred over that time, and some counsel … More


La Alianza Endorsement for SBC22

La Alianza is a collaboration of Hispanic Southern Baptist leaders throughout the United States. The following open letter came unsolicited and is posted here at their request. La Alianza is … More


TS&TT: Structural Challenges and Renovation in the SBC

Today on The Sword and The Trowel, Tom Ascol and Graham Gunden talk about the structure of the SBC and the challenges and advantages that come from it. Then they discuss renovation that could be helpful for the SBC and local churches within the SBC. More


TS&TT: Mark DeVine | The Reformed Resurgence in the SBC: Retrospect and Prospect

Today on The Sword and The Trowel, Tom Ascol sits down with Mark DeVine, professor at Beeson Divinity School. They discuss DeVine’s testimony, cancel culture, the conservative resurgence, the young, restless and reformed movement, and his upcoming book project with Founders Press on these issues in the SBC. More


TS&TT: Voddie Baucham | SBC Pastors Conference Presidency and How We #ChangeTheDirection

Today on The Sword and The Trowel, Tom Ascol and Graham Gunden talk with Voddie Baucham about his willingness to run for President of the SBC Pastor’s Conference. Dr. Baucham and Dr. Ascol talk about the history of their friendship, their experience in the SBC and the change they believe needs to come in the years ahead in the denomination. More


Why I Am Willing to Be Nominated for SBC President

The Southern Baptists Convention (SBC) needs a change of direction. Over our 177-year history the Lord has enabled the churches of the SBC to accomplish some amazing things for the … More


Statement from Southern Baptists Nominating Tom Ascol and Voddie Baucham

This a statement from Southern Baptists nominating Tom Ascol and Voddie Baucham We, concerned Southern Baptists of differing geographical, theological and vocational perspectives, in one voice nominate Pastor Tom Ascol … More


4 Ways to Pray for the SBC in 2022 and Beyond

I’ve heard Tom Ascol on a few occasions say, “The SBC is not important, but it matters.” That is, the SBC has been around less than 10% of Church History. … More


TS&TT: Voddie Baucham | Cultural Apologetics, the "Awokening" of the SBC & Joining CBN

Today on The Sword and The Trowel, Tom Ascol sits down with Dr. Voddie Baucham to discuss his health, updates on the African Christian University, the IOPT course on Cultural Apologetics, and his recent renewed involvement in the SBC through the Conservative Baptist Network. More

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