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Why Mark Dever did not get elected to 1st VP

There it is. Not exactly a hanging chad, but the round punch-out signifying a vote for Mark Dever for 1st Vice President of the SBC. I am sorry that Mark … More


Resolution on Integrity in Church Membership revisited

I suggested last year that a resolution on integrity in church membership would be appropriate to bring before the annual meeting of the SBC. A couple of months ago I … More


The Trouble with Frank Page's The Trouble with the Tulip

Since hearing several weeks ago that Frank Page might be nominated for the office of president of the SBC I have been trying to secure a copy of his book, … More


Twenty years at GBC

This week marks my 20th anniversary as pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida. It is a milestone worth noting because of its testimony to the grace of … More


Ode to "Scripture Searcher:" the Son of Encouragement

Gene Bridges has written this ode. We are posting it both at Triablog and here as a tribute to a man who has been an encouragement to lots of Christians–especially … More


Ready for Reformation? Pt. 6

My comments on this important book continues. Chapter 7 calls for the “Recovery of a Grace-Centered Theology” in order for significant reform to come to Southern Baptist churches. Nettles acknowledges … More


Ready for Reformation? Pt. 5

In chapter 6 Nettles argues for the recovery of a proper understanding of law and gospel. He underscores the importance of this issue by stating that, “Misperceptions and misapplications of … More


Ready for Reformation? Pt. 4

Chapters 4 & 5 of Nettles’ book deal with evangelism. Because of the importance of the subject and “the congenital sense of identity Baptists have with it” two chapters are … More


Ready for Reformation?

Tom Nettles’ latest book is hot off the press from Broadman and Holman publishers. Ready for Reformation? Bringing Authentic Reform to Southern Baptist Churches. You really should get a copy … More


Ray Van Neste on Steve Lemke's article

The Lemke/Welch misrepresentations of Calvinism and Founders Ministries have provoked responses in many different blogs. I have read some and had many more recommended to me. There are many excellent … More

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