Registering for courses at the Founders Study Center is fairly straightforward. Students can register for courses in the Fall 2020 semester beginning August 24, 2020. Register early using the form below! There are a limited number of openings to work with our mentors. Once all the openings are filled, registration will close. Our standard courses cost $125 each. The Study Center requires that all students are faithful attenders of a local church. Here is a list of our standard courses. An asterisk(*) designates courses which can be transferred into our partnering institutions:

Courses for Credit

  • *Biblical Preaching (Dr. Tom Ascol)
  • *Pastoral Theology (Dr. Tom Ascol)
  • *Theology of the Reformers (Dr. Timothy George)
  • *Baptist Identity (Dr. Tom Nettles)
  • *Church Planting and Missions (Dr. Jared Longshore)
  • *Christian Maturity (Dr. Jared Longshore)
  • *Christian Leadership (Dr. Jared Longshore)
  • *Ministry of Worship (Dr. Ken Puls)

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