Life of Patrick Hues Mell





    The subject of this biography, in addition to his other labors, was a voluminous and able writer upon educational and religious topics. His active mind was continually at work upon subjects of interest to the people, and he was a constant contributor to the various newspapers, both denominational and secular. His style was clear, logical and forcible, and his conclusions came directly home to the minds of his hearers. He was especially able in defending the doctrines of his denomination, and his writings were always highly valued and extensively circulated. In the “History of Georgia Baptists” a writer in speaking of this feature of Dr. Mell’s work, makes the following comments:

    “He is the author of several able works, quite different in character. His book on ‘Baptism’ is small but conclusive, and covers briefly the whole subject, leaving little else to be desired, for the satisfaction of inquirers after truth. His Manuals on Corrective Church Discipline, and Parliamentary Practice, are the emanations of a mind thoroughly at home on the subjects discussed, and are exceedingly valuable; the latter has been adopted by various bodies in the United States—among others the Legislature of Georgia. He has also published small but able works on Slavery, on Predestination, on Calvinism, on God’s Providential Government, and on the Philosophy of Prayer. His last work, as yet unfinished, which, promises to be his greatest and most useful publication, and the matured fruits of lifetime thought and study, is on Church Polity, a subject of which he may be considered the master, from a scriptural standpoint.”

    Besides the above the following additional works are also mentioned because they discussed important questions.

    “Keep the Sabbath” was written in 1862, at the request of the Georgia Baptist Convention, as a tract to be distributed among the soldiers of the Confederate army.

    “The Lord’s Supper.” Discusses the points of agreement and disagreement between Baptists and all other important denominations.

    “Coming to Christ with its methods and encouragements. ” Published at the request of the Alabama Baptist Convention.

    “College Government—Dormitory System.” Published in 1880.

    “The University of Georgia “—defended against attacks.

    “The University of Georgia”—Reply to the Report of the Board of Visitors in their criticisms of the Institution. 1884.

    “The Fathers of our Association,” (Georgia). 1885.

    “Statements and discussions elicited by attacks and criticisms on the University of Georgia.” 1887. This work was the last elaborate production from his pen before his death and was remarkable for its singular vigor and clearness. He devoted his entire vacation to the preparation of this work instead of taking the rest he so much needed, and many thought the overwork was the cause of his last illness.


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