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The Church and Politics: An Interview with Rod Martin and Tom Ascol

…  this interview Tom Ascol asks Rod Martin about his background, his responsibilities with the SBC, why he is a Southern Baptist, and how a church should engage in the arena …



Reflections on the Calvinism Debate in the SBC

…  has been nearly a year since the release of SBC Calvinism Advisory Committee’s report. Southern Baptist Convention …  a document could be produced and might prove useful to SBC pastors and churches. It seems that the Lord has used Dr. Page’s leadership …



Tom Ascol on the Calvinism Advisory Committee Report

…  denominational workers, prominent pastors, etc.) in the SBC. To those who did not live through those days the fact that we now affirm …  with the Southern Baptist Convention. A snapshot of the SBC today will provide a “target-rich-environment” for fault-finders, and no …



SBC and Calvinism: Three events that widened the divide

…  of the serious doctrinal issues currently brewing in the SBC. There are others, and they are not unimportant, but the one that looms …  Next Pastor Should not be a Calvinist.” Please understand. Ascol is well within his rights to direct the Founders Ministries and …



SBC-Indianapolis #4 - The Resolution passes

…  Surely, if we need to repent over anything in the SBC it is true that we need to repent over how we have failed in maintaining …  responsible church membership, my brother, Bill Ascol, was recognized by the chair to speak for the motion. He cited John Dagg …



My take on SBC presidential politics

…  when very few of the “movement conservatives” in the SBC gave him much of a chance. In fact, some lobbied pretty boldly against him. …  be at the Founders Breakfast on Tuesday morning.I am Tom Ascol, and I approve of this …



Lifeway: 10% of SBC pastors are 5 Point Calvinists

…  from the pulpit once a year or less, while 45 percent of SBC pastors address Calvinism several times a year or more from the pulpit. …



Stratton on Ascol on York

…  pastor and a student of General Baptist history about Tom Ascol dilemma of Keach and Booth. His answer is very interesting:

“The …  such as Benoni Stinson.

This in effect nullifies Tom Ascol‘s examples from Baptist history. Their baptisms were perfectly in line …



Homosexual Activism and the SBC

…  talk show host who was collecting information about the SBC‘s “attack” on homosexuality.

I asked him what he meant since I had not …  statement.

Here is what I said: “You may say that Tom Ascol believes that homosexuality is a sin that will send people to hell, just …



Toward a Principled Pro-Life Ethic in Post-Roe America

…  month to withstand any other attempts to encourage the SBC to reaffirm the views that were adopted in that 2021 resolution.

It …  passing the bill.
The Open Letter contradicted the 2021 SBC Resolution on abolishing abortion that the messengers adopted. I addressed …



TS&TT: The Recovery of the Gospel and The Reformation of Churches - What is the Mission of Founders?

…  Reclaiming the Gospel and Reforming Churches by Tom Ascol
From the Protestant Reformation to the SBC by Tom …



TS&TT: Mark Coppenger | History and Future of the Southern Baptist Convention

…  A Call to Action for Southern Baptist Pastors – Tom Ascol article 
My Endorsement for SBC President – Heath Lambert article
The 2021 Southern Baptist Convention: …


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