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Stratton on Ascol on York

…  pastor and a student of General Baptist history about Tom Ascol dilemma of Keach and Booth. His answer is very interesting:

“The …  such as Benoni Stinson.

This in effect nullifies Tom Ascol‘s examples from Baptist history. Their baptisms were perfectly in line …



Homosexual Activism and the SBC

…  talk show host who was collecting information about the SBC‘s “attack” on homosexuality.

I asked him what he meant since I had not …  statement.

Here is what I said: “You may say that Tom Ascol believes that homosexuality is a sin that will send people to hell, just …



TS&TT: Theological Evaluation of Some Big Eva Judgements - Sex Abuse, Todd Benkert & TGC Gone Wrong

…  to a Colleague’s Same-Sex Wedding?:
Bart Barber SBC Abuse Response Task Force
Support Founders Ministries and become a part …



TS&TT: Bradley Pierce | Abortion Bill in LA, the ERLC & the Pro-Life Movement - What Happened?

 Foundation to Abolish Abortion
Order Brothers, We Are Not Plagiarists: A Pastoral Plea to Forsake the Peddling of God’s Word
2023 National Founders Conference
Apply for FREE at The Institute of Public Theology
Founders Sermon P …



Toward a Principled Pro-Life Ethic in Post-Roe America

…  month to withstand any other attempts to encourage the SBC to reaffirm the views that were adopted in that 2021 resolution.

It …  passing the bill.
The Open Letter contradicted the 2021 SBC Resolution on abolishing abortion that the messengers adopted. I addressed …



TS&TT: The Recovery of the Gospel and The Reformation of Churches - What is the Mission of Founders?

…  Reclaiming the Gospel and Reforming Churches by Tom Ascol
From the Protestant Reformation to the SBC by Tom …



TS&TT: Mark Coppenger | History and Future of the Southern Baptist Convention

…  A Call to Action for Southern Baptist Pastors – Tom Ascol article 
My Endorsement for SBC President – Heath Lambert article
The 2021 Southern Baptist Convention: …



TS&TT: A Call to Action for Southern Baptist Pastors - Staying Long in the Fight

…  A Call to Action for Southern Baptist Pastors – Tom Ascol article 
My Endorsement for SBC President – Heath Lambert article
Ed Litton, Southern Baptist Leaders, …



A Call to Action for Southern Baptist Pastors

…  church is exactly what I have heard from countless other SBC churches and pastors over the last few years. They are concerns that I and …  wicked bidding for generations to come.

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Ed Litton, Southern Baptist Leaders, and Judgment Day Honesty: A Call for Accountability and Action by Southern Baptist Churches

…  in maintaining—or recovering—the integrity of the SBC that we are fast approaching DEFCON 1 in terms of how fast and far the …  not complicated. It’s just hard.

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Losing Our Resolve, Losing Our Religion

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Be It Resolved | 2021 SBC Founders Event

…  this evil day.

This presentation was given by Dr. Tom Ascol on June 14, 2021 at the Founders “Be It Resolved” conference in …  Tennessee before the 2021 Southern Baptist Convention. #SBC21

All Founders Ministries resources are copyrighted and any use and …



TS&TT: The Faulty Fundamentalist Fantasm

 Nathan Finn Article | Southern Baptist Fundamentalism, Then and Now
David French Article | Under Attack from Fundamentalist Pirates, Evangelical Baptists Refused to Give Up the Ship
Thomas Kidd Article | Who Is a Fundamentalist?
A Late Comment on th …



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