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TS&TT: Samuel Sey | Forced Diversity, CRT and Sinful Partiality in the Evangelical Church

2022 National Founders Conference: Militant & Triumphant 

Slow To Write | Connect with Samuel

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: SBC, CRT, and the BFM

…  with the declaration of the necessary implication that CRT/I and “any version” of CT are incompatible with the BFM that a ruckus …



The Leaven of CRT and Intersectionality | A Critical Analysis of Resolution 9 - Part 3

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series A Critical Analysis of Resolution 9

…  Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

The Leaven of CRT and Intersectionality (continued)

WHEREAS, Evangelical scholars who …  the respective destructive effects of various aspects of CRT and intersectionality? Does this mean that the IMB should have an outside …



GCRTF Report passes, good spirit predominates at the SBC

…  Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Report (GCRTFR) passed with relatively little change. The expected fireworks never …  convention sermon was an impassioned apologetic for the GCRTFR and Morris Chapman’s final report as President and CEO of the Executive …



Why I am voting for the GCRTF report

…  the GCR to follow it.What encourages me most about the GCRTF report is language that it employs in it section on “Challenges.” The …  SBC life. I will not let this opportunity be missed.The GCRTF has received a lot of criticism, most of which is unjustified. I have …



The SBC Must Be Shaped by the Word, Not the World

…  the issue through resolutions and motions to ensure that CRT, intersectionality, queer theory, etc., are clearly rejected by the SBC. …



Why I Am Willing to Be Nominated for SBC President

The Southern Baptists Convention (SBC) needs a change of direction. Over our 177-year history the Lord has enabled the churches of the SBC to accomplish some amazing things for the kingdom of God. But over the last few years, the good work that our associa …



Counsel from the Confession? 1689 Eschatology and Pastoral Biblical Counseling

…  body of divinity…complete with its own cosmology (CT/CRT/I); original sin (racism); law (antiracism); gospel (racial …



A Report on What’s Going on Among Colorado Baptists

…  written by Colorado pastors using the divisive language of CRT.

We decided to address this publicly at our annual convention of …



TS&TT: Voddie Baucham | Evangelicalism's Looming Catastrophe (Part 1): Where Are The Fault Lines?

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 2022 National Founders Conference: Militant & Triumphant 



A Late Comment on the Recent Convention

…  attempts, according to the reports, were made to isolate CRT by name as a secular, anti-revelatory, divisive philosophy that necessarily …  Presidents’ statement containing the judgment that CRT is inconsistent with the Baptist Faith and Message. Implied in this are …



Yes, the Bible is Sufficient for Dealing with (even) Grievous Sins

This article was originally posted in August 2021

A recent Christianity Today article describes the efforts to promote racial diversity in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). The article is informative and worth reading in its entirety. But one q …


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